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10/04/2017 14:50

DLT's in the BSS PDQ?

  FINtech, INSURtech, REGtech, MEDtech, PEERtech and even DRINKtec, there is no shortage of collaboration in the emergent Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies(DLT), Iot, 5G and Cloud worlds. What about in the Telecommunications World? The BSS/Billing Systems are still the antediluvian,...
18/07/2008 18:22

My own observations, deduced during my career

Preamble "We are all geniuses in retrospect" refers to a gained knowledge through experience "Dont Negotiate: Collaborate!" refers to the fact that you will ALWAYS be working in/with/as a team "pushing your mule backwards wont help you...
16/07/2008 14:51

Visitors notice

Though an old internet hand, aware of the latest Webservices/OpenID/Social Network/etc. progress, this is just a first step to see if/how I can contribute to the progress of the online world.  I will be keeping this website up-to-date as much as possible so your may want to visit regularly....
16/07/2008 14:50

Website launched

Our new website has been launched today.  

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