Consulting Sales

Oracle Consulting Sales

7 years employment experience with the largest EMEA group within Oracle called Consulting Sales, in which we were responsible for the full SALES Lifecycle of consulting solutions (Backlog, Pipeline, Revenue Recognition KPI´s, etc.) as well as the actual contract executions.

Examples include


  • Oracle9iAS Wireless sold to Verizon Wireless
  • Oracle's Wireless Sales Process solution, sold to Italy's WIND
  • Service Delivery Platform (Product CREATION as well)

Sold TO Telenor (12th largest GSM @ the time) a non-existent consulting solution (a telecom's Service Delivery Platorm (SDP)) to be constructed using Oracle Building blocks/modules: resulting in 2yrs of Consulting effort the the following, veritable Oracle Products...   As a sidebar to this sale, the following partnership was established by us, With Telenor...

OCS Sales Pitch

JUN03 Primary contributor to writing Oracle's Elevator Pitch for Oracle Collaboration Suite including:

  • Target Account Profile
  • "Install Base" & "New Customer" Prospect Profile
  • Target Audience                
  • Key Benefits of Oracle Collaboration Suite (features overview) (SWOT)   
  • Supplemental Services (Outsourcing) (Education)
  • Why Oracle Consulting?
  • Competitive (overview) (cheatsheet) (presentation)   


On Demand

JAN05 GIT EMEA assistance on building the whole, On Demand Portfolio

  • @ Client
  • @ Integrator
  • @ Oracle (Dallas)

correlating this and taking it to our existent (& new Clientele)


Portal CRM

JUN06 Implementation for EMEA, of

Opportunity Management Program Dashboard Portal

  • The specifications for ODP define it as a web portal and MIS for Oracle management to better manage the sales process based on:
    • sales forecasting (OSO)
    • OMP information




Consulting Sales to Volkswagen Braunschweig

Conceptor & originator of the Successful Business Planning/ Start-up/Financial planning & negotiations with VW to assure the success of a small team (3) of Professional Services  Architects with a two year contract with VW HQ.



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