Contract Governance

Negotiating clear contracts that are well-understood & endorsed by both parties is one of the most neglected parts of many programs. Program owners rush through the contracting process to get the project going, resulting in off-the-rack, boilerplate contracts that do not adequately service project & are not useful in dispute resolution.

The process actually starts with getting a good contract in place...

implementing a strong contract governance process.


Contract governance requires:


  • Communications between your procurement, project management, & financial teams as well as regular monitoring of contract compliance. This is done by the Governance Team  who ensures:
    • Service levels are met
    • Any incentives and penalties are correctly applied
    • Invoices and payments are reconciled against services rendered & contractual provisions.

Whether you are contracting with a new supplier or need to improve an existing relationship, we can help you to create, negotiate, & manage effective & enforceable contracts & Service Level Agreements (SLA's) for all aspects of your sourcing engagement.

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