Direct Sales

Direct Sales

Our current level of experience permits us to sell solutions from:

  • Business Plan Optimization: (matching the business with both the investment (& ROI) as well as the markets needs & technologies)
  • Finding/matching Investment funding: (their investments motivated by the Optimized business plan)
  • turn-key Wimax Infrastructures (backhaul-to-NOC-to-OSS/BSS-to-AAA-to-CPE)
  • Outsourcing/Insourcing of local Operations Teams (network Mgmt, etc.)
  • a number of turn-key Services running thereon:
    • Campus Wifi for public areas (airports/hotels/universities/etc.)
    • Video Surveillance solutions (for the police forces)
    • m-Commerce solutions (similar to M-Pesa in Kenya)
    • CRM, Product Managment & Campaign Managment, etc.
    • and more.


Wimax Infrastructures

Currently a signed reseller, selling Full, turnkey Wimax Infrastructures (backhaul-to- NOC-to-OSS/BSS-to-AAA-to-CPE) into three separate investment groups in Africa.


Commission base renumeration.



Ancillary Services on Networks

These are not "Ancillary" but actually ANY service on an already established Network (GSM/LTE/Wimax/Wifi or pure IT).

This is generally similar to the Consulting Sales consulting solutions (Backlog, Pipeline, Revenue Recognition KPI´s, etc.) as well as the actual contract executions.

Wifi Infrastructures

Currently a signed reseller, selling Complete MAN-sized prepaid, Campus Wifi solution onto any existent network (or NEW MAN's)

Commission base renumeration.


Currently a signed reseller, of a very interesting, HOSTED OSS/BSS solution that integrates provisioning, rating, billing & product/services management/selling for Telco's.

Commission base renumeration.


Confidential, but solution similar to the 5million subscriber, M-Pesa solution in Kenya.

Video Surveillance

Currently a signed reseller, Wireless video surveillance systems (DVR). Targeting primarily the existent networks looking to offer Surveillance to local Police organizations.

Commission base renumeration.

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