Strategic Planning

A seamlessly-integrated, high-performance development and delivery organization that is aligned with your corporate goals enables you to realize the greatest benefits:

  • Deep and long-term cost reduction
  • Increased focus on strategic goals & critical business imperatives
  • Ability to re-engineer processes for greater quality, flexibility & agility
  • Decreased time to market

The starting point is a realistic assessment of your market readiness coupled with a comprehensive strategy.


Create a Governance Team

Creating any corporate strategy is a collaborative process. We start by establishing the Governance Team, which is composed of representatives from your project, financial, and legal teams that provides oversight for your primary objective or program.

Assess your Corporate readiness

We evaluate the readiness of your organization along a variety of dimensions through a "Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats" (SWOT), including:

  • IT infrastructure
  • Organizational maturity and flexibility
  • Project complexity
  • Previous experience on any such development

We then construct a plan to ensure there are no technical or organizational impediments to the success of your program.

Determine and prioritize your objectives

Your objectives should be specific and measurable. Creating a clearly defined set of challenging goals energizes your program and motivates your team.

Determine and mitigate the risks and hidden costs

Scenarios are created to identify your competitive, organizational, regulatory, political and other risks and to develop contingency plans and other risk mitigation mechanisms.

All hiddens costs must be enumerated and understood to accurately evaluate vendor proposals and determine the total costs of global sourcing. Frequently overlooked costs include those involved in:

Build a roadmap for your program

We prepare an inventory of candidate projects, evaluate the benefits and risks, and prepare a roadmap for your program.

Determine the right business model & deal structures

There are any number of business models, but the notion of a business model (or a corporate charter) is integrally important to ensure alignment of effort at all levels. The one that is right for you depends on your strategic goals, the start-up time you need, the financial structure you require, and a number of other factors. We carefully consider all of your requirements:

  1. to find the best model for you.
  2. to evangelize that model throughout the corporation

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