Strategic Product Management

As no two companies operate in the same way, there is no such thing as a "TurnKey Network" today. Each & every operator or service provider offers different services & offers them in different ways. "Turnkey" solutions fall into one of 2 catagories:

  1. A "Turnkey" Network Infrastructure
  2. "Turnkey" Services that run ON those Infrastructures (ie: Service Provisioning Platforms (SDP, IMS, etc.))

What's more, there is often a seperation between the Network Infrastructure and the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to such an extent that their integrations are difficult engendering inter-manufacturer roadblocks as to whose version of the API is the correct one (The Network manufacturer? or the CPE radio manufacturer?).


Whats more, there are a panopoly of Application & Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that ride on those network infrastructures and are rarely "fully integrated" into the NOC, OSS & BSS metering subsystems without major project plans to "allign the API's", etc.

Services such as:

  • Campus WiFi using a Wimax or LTE backhaul for Internet Access
  • Web-based e-Commerce Solutions
  • Voip & TeleConferencing
  • Mobile & Web-based m-Commerce Solutions
  • Web-based real time video management/surveillance
  • Vertical Business solutions from Sales to accounting to CRM, etc.

Over the course of the years, we have Conceived, Marketed, Sold, Integrated & Project Managed a large Portfolio of Networks and the Solutions that are offered/function thereon.


Product Management

Product Management can be more likened to Thought Leadership, inasmuch as it requires very careful consideration on multiple levels

  • on the Business Side: understand what the Market is asking for.  
  • on the Technology Side: understand what technologies are available for that market demand
  • on the Resource side: understand & be able to project & lead people in a specific direction.
Thought Leadership requires Charisma...


We can provide such Charisma to help you:

  1. Define the product strategy & roadmap
  2. Deliver Marketing Requirements Documents (MRD) & Product Requirements Documents (PRD)
  3. Work with external third parties to assess partnerships and licensing opportunities
  4. Analyze & understand the competition
  5. Develop the core positioning & messaging for products
  6. Demonstrate products to customers
  7. evaluate & set pricing to meet revenue & profitability goals
  8. Setup & Deliver monthly revenue forecast
  9. Develop sales tools & collateral
  10. Develop an overall budget
  11. Knowledge Managment/passage to the sales forces
  12. Build press releases & even Roadshows/press tours
  13. Act as a leader within the company


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