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Chris Simandl, Principal Consultant


With over two decades of experience in the IT/Telco world (spanning from the dawn of the IBM PC (programming the original, IBM BIOS) through the "Big Iron" mainframes, Unix, Telephony, the Internet & Convergence) Chris Simandl has led internationally distributed development & delivery organizations for companies ranging from small startups to global corporations in the US, Europe and Africa.
Guiding principles:

  1. Have Fun
  2. Keep Learning
  3. Collaborate
  4. Be Passionate 

40meters high in Kinshasa, analysing WIMAX Tower/RAN deployment


Teaching about Dynamic AAA, proxying firewalls
  1.  Listening to & distilling requirements to empirical objectives
  2. Validating directions or looking for new & different ways to proceed
  3. Collaborative & coercive mediation
    1. between Companies,
    2. between Cultures/People,
    3. between Infrastructures & Technologies
  4. Driving & managing program/product.

This could be called "Coaching", or, Consulting, Professional Services, Business Development, Strategic Alliances, Account Management, etc.

I call it passion: sharing, learning, reflecting & collaborating, using new Web tools such as social network systems, blogs, Web Services & wikis. I constantly try out new tools and techniques & then I use my pragmatic business bend to recommend the right ones for my clients & colleagues.

I have been strategizing & executing for 3 different CTO's & a number of CEOs, hence my multidisciplinary nature.


I can help, from roadmapping to implementation.

Chris Simandl




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Chris Simandl Mobile: +33 659 33 44 28

Secret weapon

 Our strength lies in our ability to actively bridge the communication & comprehension gap

that frequently exists between different corporate layers (management layers, business layers & development/operational layers).



Through many years of strategizing & executing for 3 different CTO's, one CEO & numerous VP's (including my own position as VP) my multidisciplinary nature allows me to cover a number of different roles from Consulting, to Managing Professional Services, Business Development, Strategic Alliances, Operational Management, Account Management, etc..


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