Boardroom Negotiations & IPO Sales


Reporting directly to the CTO, had to convince/evangelize/sell/get approved, the layering of an IP network on top of an X.25 network (Network, mgmt & Services).

  • Primarily to the SWIFT board internally as a strategic direction to follow internally
  • Secondarily, in a roadshow to a large number of the Major World Banks who are subscribers of the SWIFT Network (as SWIFT is a "société coopérative" made up of member banks



IPO Roadshow

Travel throughout EMEA to Investment groups in order to give a Technical presentation for IPO Roadshows.

  • a Paris & NASDAQ launch that oversubscribed 15 times (273mUSD raised)


From a partnering perspective, I was equally in direct contact with the CEO for M&A Analysis (ie: for 18m€) during a major growth period.


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