Strategic Sales


Feel free to visit the portfolio of Sales exploits already executed by this team & know that we can help you with all (or any) phases of the Sales Cycle:


  • searching for new clients
  • meeting/visiting potential clients;
  • developing long-term relationships with customers;
  • managing & interpreting customer requirements - Who said "Listen to your Customer & he will tell you how to sell to him"?
  • persuading clients (& motivating them to understand) that your product is the best for their needs;
  • calculating client quotations;
  • negotiating contract terms to meet both client & your needs;
  • negotiating & closing sales by agreeing terms & conditions;
  • administering client accounts;
  • analysing costs & sales;
  • aiming for regular sales targets;
  • coordinating sales projects;
  • making technical presentations & demonstrating how a product meets client needs;
  • providing pre-sales technical assistance & product education;
  • liaising with other members of the sales team & other technical experts;
  • solving client problems;
  • providing training & producing support material for other members of the sales team.
  • response to functional & technical elements of RFIs/RFPs
  • conveying of customer requirements to Product Management teams
  • Global travel/reach.

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